Yoga Thrive Background

  • Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, one of Canada’s leading researchers in the field of physical activity and cancer.
  • YogaTHRIVE is a seven-week popular yoga program created by Susi Hately This course has been scientifically proven to improve a cancer survivors’ quality of life and the exercises were specifically chosen and modified for Cancer survivors by kinesiologists.
  •  Yoga Thrive begins with a gentle, introductory routine and progresses to more challenging yoga poses as the viewer progresses. It is designed specifically for cancer survivors and that has been scientifically proven to improve a cancer survivor’s quality of life.
  • Research has shown that regular physical activity improves a cancer survivor’s chances of survival. It also helps them to get over the debilitating fatigue that affects so many survivors, improves their cardiovascular performance and allows them to return to their activities of daily living.
  • According to Culos-Reed it is also crucial to a survivor’s sense of well-being: “Cancer comes out of the blue. It doesn’t matter how healthy your life-style has been, or who you are. Most patients feel they’ve lost control of their life and their bodies. Exercise gives them a little of that sense of control and connection back.
  • Back, in 2001 after nine years of extensive research at the University of Calgary Physical Activity and Cancer Center, prominent yoga teacher, kinesiologist and founder of Functional Synergy, Susi Hately developed the YogaTHRIVE program.
  • Yoga THRIVE features specific yoga techniques proven to help alleviate symptoms associated with cancer and find benefits for students such as better quality of life, improved sleep, less fatigue and better balance, strength and cardiovascular ability.
  • Based on anatomy and therapeutic yoga principles, her approachable 7 session yoga for  cancer survivors program has been modified specifically for those who are looking for a gentle yoga program to relax, and progressively build flexibility, strength and balance.
  •   “Yoga is known to reduce pain by reducing the brain’s pain center and regulating the gate-controlling mechanism located in the spinal cord and the secretion of natural painkillers in the body,” says Susi. “We aim to complement the lifestyle and level of each individual.”
  • What are the benefits of yoga for cancer patients and survivors ? Yoga can help improve balance, quality of life, ability to sleep, physical agility, reducing stress, irritability and depression.
  • “Whether you are a cancer survivor still undergoing chemotherapy, post surgery or in remission, yoga affects and benefits the body and mind in every stage,” says Susi. Having worked with cancer patients and survivors in all stages of cancer and with different types of cancers including lung, breast, leukemia, and thyroid, Susi acknowledges it is a long and arduous road to the early stages of acceptance of the disease. Yoga is one step towards a positive outlook physically and emotionally.

For people wanting to enroll in a Yoga for Cancer Survivor class please consult your doctor.