Comments from Sharon’s Yoga Students:

I’ve done a number of yoga classes before, including hot yoga, hot vinyasa flow and hatha yoga. I find that Yoga Thrive is a much better pace and difficulty level for someone in cancer treatment and for post-surgery patients. I wasn’t able to do many of the standard yoga moves in the more generalized classes, but I can do everything in this class. Also, we are told not to overdo it, just do what we can and avoid anything that causes pain. This is perfect for people who are recovering from surgical trauma or even just chemotherapy. Keep up the good work!

Shirley Mc. Yoga Thrive Student


Comments from Yoga Thrive class evaluations forms:

  • I am thrilled this programme is in Edmonton. It has given me amazing strength during my chemo treatments. relaxation has increased.
  • excellent programme, excellent instructor
  • yoga fits everyone!
  • Instructor gave very good instructions , very empathetic with cancer patients & very supportive
  • I didn’t want the Thrive class to end!
  • I struggle with relaxing.  I know now Yoga Thrive is a great class to force me to relax and let go of my stresses. Thanks, Sharon!

Thank you for showing us some wonderful Yoga Poses.

On behalf of the Reach to Recovery group, thanks for being you!

Anne W – convener Reach to Recovery


I have done yoga for the last 2 years with Sharon. I have done other yoga programs in the past but truly enjoy Sharon’s classes the most. I like how Sharon makes comments during the poses to assist us in tweaking the poses. She gives constant reminders to ensure we are receiving the fullest benefit of the pose.  As we know sometimes the smallest movement extends the pose that much more. I also enjoyed the way she would walk around and quietly talk to the class participants’ and very gently assist them into deepening the pose. She also offered many variations of the poses. I noticed a huge difference in how much more flexible I was from the start of the sessions to the last one. Sharon’s calm voice and words of encouragement always left me feeling complete and satisfied. 

Adrienne B, Runners With Attitude.


Your classes were  geared to ensuring our running/walking muscles were ready:  quieted/calmed & flexible. Then our minds would also become focused on our bodies, our activity. We were always working on being mindful ( as we walked or ran)  but with gentle coaching we were eased towards our goals.

Rita H – Running Room  Survivor Clinic  Leader


I took a two month session with Sharon and it changed my life.  Sharon introduced me to the world of Yoga and all the benefits it provides.  Not only am I far more flexible and less stiff after officiating football  games, but I have found a centering and focus that helps me during games as well.
Thank you Sharon!!!
Rob H. – CFL Official