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Hello. What has filled your day today? Ease or Anxiety? Perhaps both. Movement or Stillness? Probably both. Silence or Sound? Maybe both? Sunshine and shadow are linked. As are Inhalation and Exhalation.

Seems to me there is a tendency in many of us to only notice the one aspect. If you pause and observe you rediscover the easy rhythm of each moment, day, season and lifetime. Stop and notice.

Savour each gift, each moment letting Gratitude settle into your heart, your face, your ways.

Start by spending time on your yoga mat or meditation cushion.

See you there. Namaste


The calendar says March and the days grow longer as daylight lingers. Our thoughts may drift past the snow banks hunched against our homes, sidewalks and roads toward Spring and all things green and growing.Today the Winter Lion is roaring with wind and white whipping past my window. Underneath the window my yoga mat waits for me and whispers, Come sit with me. The yoga mat is patient and does not rush the day nor the season as we often do. It unrolls and invites us to be present. I sit and breathe.