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How goes your yoga practice? Have you established a routine that serves you well? Allow time to pause, reflect and settle into stillness. The cozy warm clothing we don this time of year pulls us inward as the days grow shorter and the air chillier. Use this season to settle into You.

When I was waiting for the bus after university class, a group of us students gathered and huddled together. The day had gotten colder while we were in our lectures and libraries. One of the foreign students was anxious and grew more and more upset. We could not understand his concern. Then he explained. The plumes of his breath rose in front of his face. Yes we replied calmly. In his culture – this was his spirit leaving him and so he became alarmed. He then saw all our steaming breath floating around us. He became quiet and gazed at us in wonder. Canadians! he said shaking his head.Winter! we replied, nodding ours.

Today it is cold enough outside to see the breath. I like to watch it lift, linger and then leave. I have much to ponder and appreciate with each breath. We all do

Enjoy your yoga practice.

This morning I awoke to a transformed world. It had nothing to do with world news, conflicts or scandals. It snowed. Sweetly, softly and silently pristine white snow sifted down through gentle grey bellied clouds to change the world.

I paused and savoured the pristine whiteness, the purity and the stillness and the snow coloured light. I felt a satisfaction fill me, similar to how I feel after meditation and after prayer. Then I smiled and went outside to enjoy the freshness and to play.

I walked on a grey paved trail which ribboned through the white field. The north west sides of tree trunks and bare branches were sugar coated white. A few yellow aspen leaves lay curled on the trail. White flakes mounded on top of their bellies. They looked like little yellow canoes holding meringue. From black branches, cherries dangled and wore little white toques. A blue jay sang Namaste as it flew by.

I ran across the snow covered sports field and discovered the many rabbit highways my dog always senses. Their tracks would pause now and then. Perhaps they were struck by the beauty?

Meditation through movement blessed me today. Back at home, my yoga mat welcomed me as I settled my smile for practice.

Snowy blessings,