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“Welcome to Spring” sing the birds that have migrated home. The Maydays wave their fragrant blooms overhead while the ducks and geese on the neighbourhood ponds bicker or brag about their nest’s location.

Spring time gets us outside and we enjoy our favourite pursuits again. Keep up the Yoga to enhance your walks, jogs, bike rides, paddles and gardening. Limber joints and strong muscles help us in our daily activities.  Take your meditation outside and find your stillness.

Yoga’s Body/Mind/Breath focus brings our awareness and our gratitude to this moment. So take your Yoga Off The Mat and savour this beautiful day, this moment.

Please note Class Schedule Changes as posted.



Last night I was honoured to be one of the women featured at a celebration of Inspiration and Story.  I shared my cancer experience and how I did my best with the kindness and care of many throughout the treatment journey and beyond. I have shifted back into the role of Teacher and this time it is Yoga.

The other two women shared their experiences with the healing aspect of the expressive arts and of meditation. One woman brought her original jewelry to support others undergoing cancer treatments. It was a beautiful and powerful evening with much Hope and Laughter.

Kudos to Janelle Schmidt of Mother Haven for her passion as she spearheaded this second annual event.When Janelle asked me if I had any words of wisdom to share, I concluded my remarks with the following:

Keep your heart open,

your head high

and your spirit free.

Embrace your darkness

along with your light.

Never mislead anyone

especially yourself.

Have the courage to admit

when you are wrong.

Awaken to the brilliance

of ordinary miracles.

See the goodness

in the world.

Strive to be your best.

Be bold.

Be grateful.

Be wild.

Be gloriously free.


Sandra Vancey

This morning I awoke to a transformed world. It had nothing to do with world news, conflicts or scandals. It snowed. Sweetly, softly and silently pristine white snow sifted down through gentle grey bellied clouds to change the world.

I paused and savoured the pristine whiteness, the purity and the stillness and the snow coloured light. I felt a satisfaction fill me, similar to how I feel after meditation and after prayer. Then I smiled and went outside to enjoy the freshness and to play.

I walked on a grey paved trail which ribboned through the white field. The north west sides of tree trunks and bare branches were sugar coated white. A few yellow aspen leaves lay curled on the trail. White flakes mounded on top of their bellies. They looked like little yellow canoes holding meringue. From black branches, cherries dangled and wore little white toques. A blue jay sang Namaste as it flew by.

I ran across the snow covered sports field and discovered the many rabbit highways my dog always senses. Their tracks would pause now and then. Perhaps they were struck by the beauty?

Meditation through movement blessed me today. Back at home, my yoga mat welcomed me as I settled my smile for practice.

Snowy blessings,