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I hope you experienced moments of beauty, stillness and joy today. Summer blesses us with many opportunities to experience such moments. From the quiet sunrise to the stillness before a rainstorm, to the grace of flowers bobbin in the breeze. Summer’s long days can be filled with leisurely pursuits or packed with vigorous activities!

Now we experience the shift: as the breezes become cooler, the nights arrive earlier each day and even a few yellow aspen leaves twirl to the ground.

Our calenders become filled with activities again. Yoga mats are retrieved from closets and awkwardly unroll. Bodies long for a stretch and  our minds and souls seek the stillness of the meditation cushion.

Find your yoga class. Try a Restorative to ease you through September’s hurly burly. Take that ease and calm off he mat and into our world. Today and everyday.

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Last night I was honoured to be one of the women featured at a celebration of Inspiration and Story.  I shared my cancer experience and how I did my best with the kindness and care of many throughout the treatment journey and beyond. I have shifted back into the role of Teacher and this time it is Yoga.

The other two women shared their experiences with the healing aspect of the expressive arts and of meditation. One woman brought her original jewelry to support others undergoing cancer treatments. It was a beautiful and powerful evening with much Hope and Laughter.

Kudos to Janelle Schmidt of Mother Haven for her passion as she spearheaded this second annual event.When Janelle asked me if I had any words of wisdom to share, I concluded my remarks with the following:

Keep your heart open,

your head high

and your spirit free.

Embrace your darkness

along with your light.

Never mislead anyone

especially yourself.

Have the courage to admit

when you are wrong.

Awaken to the brilliance

of ordinary miracles.

See the goodness

in the world.

Strive to be your best.

Be bold.

Be grateful.

Be wild.

Be gloriously free.


Sandra Vancey

Days pass, the season shift and for many people moods change. Where I live, the snows are receding. A nearby soccer field holds an ice rink throughout the winter. Now the strong sunshine of spring melts the ice leaving a puddle patchwork. Here and there the skin of ice permits last autumn’s grass to bravely face sky. Alongside a fence, the tenderest green shoots of crocus thrust up from the crumpled wet soil.

Spring sleeps inside winter. Patient and quiet.

Inside all of us Hope lives. As we come to our Yoga mat, and settle into stillness of body and mind at the beginning of class, I notice many students softly, subtly smile. They  have found the inner glow of their Light and it radiates from them.

Beneath the surface, the answer lies and it is Love.

It is always Love.



 Beautiful winter.  For many it is a season of serenity, stillness and yes – beauty. It is nature’s way to nudge us to slow down and get ourselves in sync with the shorter days and enjoy longer sleep. Many of us dash about as we celebrate the Holy days of this time of year. The  Canadian north’s icy roads and sidewalks force us to move slower, mindfully, carefully. We may choose to curtail some activities and stay warm indoors as we intuit from our agrarian ancestors their wisdom of  the value of a fireplace and conversation with those we love. Be aware of too much activity and how the frenzy of too much- whether that is the shopping centre crowds, traffic jams, parties and potlucks may fill you with stress and overstimulation. Let us rebalance with introspection and reflection during a walk or a restorative yoga practice. Find the quiet wonder in the stars, and let it fill your heart, calm your body and soften your breath. For those on a healing journey this rebalancing is most important. You will renew and refresh yourself and have more to give and perhaps experience more enJOYment from those close relationships which you most value. Find the Gratitude inside you and share it.

I invite you to find the stillness of this Holy season, treasure its teachings and gratefully share the peace, hope and love it brings.

yours in joy, Namaste.