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Hello. What has filled your day today? Ease or Anxiety? Perhaps both. Movement or Stillness? Probably both. Silence or Sound? Maybe both? Sunshine and shadow are linked. As are Inhalation and Exhalation.

Seems to me there is a tendency in many of us to only notice the one aspect. If you pause and observe you rediscover the easy rhythm of each moment, day, season and lifetime. Stop and notice.

Savour each gift, each moment letting Gratitude settle into your heart, your face, your ways.

Start by spending time on your yoga mat or meditation cushion.

See you there. Namaste


This morning I went for a run and the wild roses waved their fragrant hello as I went past. Recent rains have greened the ground making trails soft underfoot. When I set my yoga mat outside to stretch my legs I had to select my location carefully within my back yard. One side has a twenty foot stretch of lilacs in riotous bloom and the bees browse and buzz shaking petals down in purple shower. The other side is shady and the mosquitoes hovered waiting for me. The third possibility was sun drenched so I unfurled my mat.

I enjoyed the stillness, the fragrance from the flowers, the lush grass beneath my mat. What a blessing to be surrounded with nature’s abundant beauty. My heart was full of gratitude. Halfway through my Suptapadagusthanasana I heard the chatter and commentary from the squirrel atop our fence.  My dog ramped off the deck, airborne and gave chase. Luckily for me I was lying about a meter from her runway! The squirrel was dispatched, the dog sauntered past and I stood up for Sun Salutations, safe in the knowledge that the heckler was gone.

Oh the bliss of taking your yoga outdoors! I hope you will try it. Enjoy. Namaste

“Welcome to Spring” sing the birds that have migrated home. The Maydays wave their fragrant blooms overhead while the ducks and geese on the neighbourhood ponds bicker or brag about their nest’s location.

Spring time gets us outside and we enjoy our favourite pursuits again. Keep up the Yoga to enhance your walks, jogs, bike rides, paddles and gardening. Limber joints and strong muscles help us in our daily activities.  Take your meditation outside and find your stillness.

Yoga’s Body/Mind/Breath focus brings our awareness and our gratitude to this moment. So take your Yoga Off The Mat and savour this beautiful day, this moment.

Please note Class Schedule Changes as posted.



Gratitude. We hear about everywhere. Many of us have experienced something which clangs the Gratitude Bell and changes us – profoundly. It was one sentence I heard, 8 years ago today. My doctor said ” You have cancer, you will beat it.” One breath, one message. In that one heart beat, my world changed, for ever.

I was grateful for the way she presented the message. She gave me the fact and she  gave me hope in one breath. It was dark at 5 pm that Friday in January. The windows were dark with nightfall, yet I recall a sense of light shining around me as the details of the treatment plan unfolded. Darkness and light are linked as they give shape to each other.

See the sunshine and the shadows. Be grateful for both – they each have lessons to share.

For me, my yoga experiences began in month # 9 of my 24 months of treatment. Yoga helped bring balance back t my body, mind and spirit. It was transformative and motivated me to become a yoga teacher and to focus my work in the area of cancer patients, survivors and the caregivers. Of all the many groups I have taught ( MS patients, avid runners, disadvantaged youth, aboriginals ) I find my inspiration within the cancer community.

Yoga helped me thrive once again. And reminds me to breathe and live gratefully. I hope you do too. Today and everyday.


 Beautiful winter.  For many it is a season of serenity, stillness and yes – beauty. It is nature’s way to nudge us to slow down and get ourselves in sync with the shorter days and enjoy longer sleep. Many of us dash about as we celebrate the Holy days of this time of year. The  Canadian north’s icy roads and sidewalks force us to move slower, mindfully, carefully. We may choose to curtail some activities and stay warm indoors as we intuit from our agrarian ancestors their wisdom of  the value of a fireplace and conversation with those we love. Be aware of too much activity and how the frenzy of too much- whether that is the shopping centre crowds, traffic jams, parties and potlucks may fill you with stress and overstimulation. Let us rebalance with introspection and reflection during a walk or a restorative yoga practice. Find the quiet wonder in the stars, and let it fill your heart, calm your body and soften your breath. For those on a healing journey this rebalancing is most important. You will renew and refresh yourself and have more to give and perhaps experience more enJOYment from those close relationships which you most value. Find the Gratitude inside you and share it.

I invite you to find the stillness of this Holy season, treasure its teachings and gratefully share the peace, hope and love it brings.

yours in joy, Namaste.