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Hello. What has filled your day today? Ease or Anxiety? Perhaps both. Movement or Stillness? Probably both. Silence or Sound? Maybe both? Sunshine and shadow are linked. As are Inhalation and Exhalation.

Seems to me there is a tendency in many of us to only notice the one aspect. If you pause and observe you rediscover the easy rhythm of each moment, day, season and lifetime. Stop and notice.

Savour each gift, each moment letting Gratitude settle into your heart, your face, your ways.

Start by spending time on your yoga mat or meditation cushion.

See you there. Namaste


We began our yoga class in September, with crisp breezes snapping the school flags after a summer reprieve. Crispy leaves swirled around our ankles as we entered the church building.The hall was large and filled with smiling veteran students.

We welcomed new faces, some with nervous expressions and settled into our routine. A multi-level hatha class with all ages and abilities is a rich yoga environment. We strive to our best, whatever that may be. We learn how each day we bring a different body to the mat. It may be stiff from raking the autumn colours, or sore from the date with the snow shovel, and the second date, and the third date and many more after those¬†! ūüôā¬† We are blessed with winter’s abundance.¬†

We observe how tension grips our shoulders and neck after a stressful work day, and how the breath seems to stop halfway down our chest. We feel the springtime promise of warmer days and watch our steps as we step cautiously through melting snow and hidden ice. It is important to stay grounded. At long last, summer arrives with grace and colour. Our activities include gardening and golf, bike rides and leisurely strolls. The sturdy winter footwear has been relegated to the dark back corner of  the closet and bare feet explore tender green grass.

¬†A bell chimes,¬†The yoga begins… the breath work¬†(pranayama) and the poses ( asana) build¬†our concentration ( dharana) . We notice improvement in our strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. We work hard but we smile and laugh often. We are blessed with a warm and caring community – a true Kula.

The earth has spun around the sun and we will soon break for our summer recess. I look forward to our final class June 11 and our celebration afterwards.

To the dozens and dozens of students who attended class this year, thank you for your gift of your presence. We had a lot of fun. I wish you well through the summer break and look forward to September when we gather and resume our Yoga Journey Wednesday September 10.