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Namaste. Hello. Greetings.

Have you spied the shift from Summer to September.  Have you noticed the later sunrises and how the sun goes to bed a little earlier each night? Have you grasped a chilly steering wheel yet or heard the geese sing their Farewell songs?

We shift from Summer play time back to routine. The beach toys are packed and now the school lunch boxes are packed. Calendars fill with activities.  I hope your schedule includes yoga. Mine does!

Let’s meet on the mat. Here is a list :

**  Sept 3 – Restorative Drop In Yoga at Yoga Within.  Thursday  5:45 – 6:45 pm. (780-450-9642)

** Sept 9 – Hatha Yoga Drop in at Southminster Steinhauer United Church. Wednesday 7-8 pm.  (780-435-2058)

** Sept 14 – Yoga Wellness ( suitable for people with chronic health concerns: Cancer, RA, heart issues) at Yoga Within.    Monday 1- 2 pm. (780-450-9642)

** October 21- Yoga Wellness ( as noted above) at Above Average Yoga. Wednesday 1:30 – 2:30 (780-488-1121)

Contact these excellent studios for further details and then mark your calendars with YOGA! I hope to see you soon.



Sunrise, sunset. Days, weeks, months and years open for us to enjoy. Where I live the days are short and cold. Staying present to the moment of winter allows for moments of beauty and challenge. It is beautiful to watch your breath form a soft white cloud. It is a challenge when it is so cold your breath forms a steamy plume. Sunrise, sunset.

Ahh Winter, you give us many moments to learn and to grow. If it is too cold to play outside, then find your yoga mat. Your patient mat awaits you. We seek yoga asanas which keeps us warm, and strong yet supple. Explore with a curious heart. Have fun with your yoga. At this time of year, many of us slow down, settle inside and reflect. Release, relax, restore. You may discover the stillness inside you.

In January, many of us set personal resolutions for change. Consider Kindness as your resolution. Start with extending more Kindness toward yourself. Yogis call this Ahimsa or Lovingkindness. Let Kindness be your first response and see if more Joy and an awareness of Abundance hasn’t come along with it. It is a wonderful principle and a highly recommended resolution. Happy New Year!


Yoga Classes resume:
1. Mondays at YOGA WITHIN 1-2 PM Contact Gentle classes for cancer patients, survivors and care givers. Come join us and feel better, heal better.
2. Wednesday at SOUTHMINSTER STEINHAUER UNITED CHURCH. Drop in multi level class 7 – 8 pm $5. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, strap, block and relaxation eye cover ( if you have one)

See you on the mat!

Good morning and Happy Birthday to me. It is an opportunity to pause and gratefully reflect upon the many blessings and challenges which brought me to today. It is an opportunity to find stillness and contemplate one’s place on this precious blue planet. It is an opportunity to consider the connections we all have to each other and to shower our best love and light and learnings in celebration, of this day. An ordinary day, a miraculous day.

As you go about your day find the miracles in the ordinary, and the ordinary within the miracle. Both are present in abundance.

God bless.

Hello friends,

How goes September? I have always felt September to be the New Year. This is the time for new learnings, new friends, new experiences. And the new shoes, and clothes. Remember the excitement of the brand new school supplies? How they felt and how they smelt? New activities fill the calendar. Music lessons, dance classes and sport practices send children and parents in many directions. New routines need new energies. Be sure to include your yoga onto your own schedule! It is a wonderful way to release stresses that build during this time of year.

The weather changes tug us from summer sun to cool autumn winds which carry frost onto our gardens and windshields. Your yoga practice may help strengthen your immune system and avoid some of the seasonal sniffles. In my home that is known as “The Back to School Cold”!

This week was “Back to Yoga Class” time for me – as all the programmes I teach have resumed. I am honoured to work with cancer patients and provide a yoga experience which addresses the challenges of the disease and from the treatments. My Yoga for MS had several new faces join our class and their enthusiasm sparkled within our group. I could sense the excitement as my Wednesday Drop in Hatha class filled the hall with smiling faces, happy chatter. Everyone seemed glad to be back on their mats. I hope you are, too.

If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta region and wish to attend my class, please refer to the Page: Classes and Workshops.

Here is some timely advice as we watch the trees change from their summer green dresses into autumn splendour.


* Stand tall and proud.
* Sink your roots deep into the earth.
* Be content with your natural beauty.
* Go out on a limb.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Remember your roots.
* Enjoy the view.

And enjoy your yoga, everyday.

We began our yoga class in September, with crisp breezes snapping the school flags after a summer reprieve. Crispy leaves swirled around our ankles as we entered the church building.The hall was large and filled with smiling veteran students.

We welcomed new faces, some with nervous expressions and settled into our routine. A multi-level hatha class with all ages and abilities is a rich yoga environment. We strive to our best, whatever that may be. We learn how each day we bring a different body to the mat. It may be stiff from raking the autumn colours, or sore from the date with the snow shovel, and the second date, and the third date and many more after those ! 🙂  We are blessed with winter’s abundance. 

We observe how tension grips our shoulders and neck after a stressful work day, and how the breath seems to stop halfway down our chest. We feel the springtime promise of warmer days and watch our steps as we step cautiously through melting snow and hidden ice. It is important to stay grounded. At long last, summer arrives with grace and colour. Our activities include gardening and golf, bike rides and leisurely strolls. The sturdy winter footwear has been relegated to the dark back corner of  the closet and bare feet explore tender green grass.

 A bell chimes, The yoga begins… the breath work (pranayama) and the poses ( asana) build our concentration ( dharana) . We notice improvement in our strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. We work hard but we smile and laugh often. We are blessed with a warm and caring community – a true Kula.

The earth has spun around the sun and we will soon break for our summer recess. I look forward to our final class June 11 and our celebration afterwards.

To the dozens and dozens of students who attended class this year, thank you for your gift of your presence. We had a lot of fun. I wish you well through the summer break and look forward to September when we gather and resume our Yoga Journey Wednesday September 10.