The Wednesday night Multi-level Hatha Yoga  class will run until June 10. Mark your calendars for a few more weeks. Bring someone with you to your next class and kindle a new passion within them.  Share the many benefits of yoga: improved strength, flexibility, concentration, balance, relaxation, sleep and mood. Share your love of yoga.

See you on the mat,


Today I ran through the woods with my dog. Where I live, Spring has arrived with tiny leaves unfurling and green shoots pushing up through the soil. The trail yields softly under my feet, damp from the recent melt and first rains.I love the sound of spring as frog sing and duck converse on hidden ponds. Beautiful moments. Gratitude fills me. I feel profoundly blessed to be alive, to be able to move, to appreciate this space and time. I feel my breath, my body moving and my spirit is content.  My dog smells the water and darts deep into the trees. She thrashes and splashes around in the water. I can hear it but can’t quite see her. She bursts through the bushes, rushes to me and shakes stinky slough smell onto me. Ah yes. This too is yoga. My dog’s goofy grin and her “ain’t life grand” expression confirm it. The sun shines down on us and we run. A steady pace moves me into meditation. Ah yes. This too is yoga. This moment.  Namaste.

Hello Wednesday nighters!

I hope to see you all tonight at the Wednesday Night  Drop In Hatha Yoga Class at Southminster Steinhauer United Church.

Please note there will be an important church activity at 7 pm in the main upstairs space. Please come for 6:45 to ensure parking and enter quietly.  We shall be down in the lower level hall which some of you remember was the original yoga space when the yoga programme commenced four years ago. I look forward to seeing you all !


Reminder: the Wednesday night dop in Hatha yoga class is cancelled for tonight. Please practice your favourite pose & your least favourite pose! Class resumes April 15. Namaste.

Last night I was honoured to be one of the women featured at a celebration of Inspiration and Story.  I shared my cancer experience and how I did my best with the kindness and care of many throughout the treatment journey and beyond. I have shifted back into the role of Teacher and this time it is Yoga.

The other two women shared their experiences with the healing aspect of the expressive arts and of meditation. One woman brought her original jewelry to support others undergoing cancer treatments. It was a beautiful and powerful evening with much Hope and Laughter.

Kudos to Janelle Schmidt of Mother Haven for her passion as she spearheaded this second annual event.When Janelle asked me if I had any words of wisdom to share, I concluded my remarks with the following:

Keep your heart open,

your head high

and your spirit free.

Embrace your darkness

along with your light.

Never mislead anyone

especially yourself.

Have the courage to admit

when you are wrong.

Awaken to the brilliance

of ordinary miracles.

See the goodness

in the world.

Strive to be your best.

Be bold.

Be grateful.

Be wild.

Be gloriously free.


Sandra Vancey

Many people have enjoyed the Multi level Hatha Yoga classes held at Southminster Steinhauer United Church. ( 10740 – 19 ave ) Why not join us? You may find enhanced strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and relaxation after your yoga practice. Many people find a yoga practice improves their mood and their sleep. Give it a try!

The Wednesday evening classes for March will be: March 18 and 25.

April will be April 15 and 22.

May will be 6, 13, 20 and 27.

These classes are “drop in” and cost $5 each night.  7 – 8 pm.

Bring your yoga mat, strap, block, a blanket to cover your body and your eye cover for relaxation. Bring a pal and share the joy.


Yoga is like music:

The rhythm of the body

The melody of the mind

The harmony of the soul

Create the symphony of life.

BKS Iyengar

The calendar says March and the days grow longer as daylight lingers. Our thoughts may drift past the snow banks hunched against our homes, sidewalks and roads toward Spring and all things green and growing.Today the Winter Lion is roaring with wind and white whipping past my window. Underneath the window my yoga mat waits for me and whispers, Come sit with me. The yoga mat is patient and does not rush the day nor the season as we often do. It unrolls and invites us to be present. I sit and breathe.


There will be no yoga on Wednesday January 21 2015 at the Southminster Steinhauer United Church. Namaste.

Sunrise, sunset. Days, weeks, months and years open for us to enjoy. Where I live the days are short and cold. Staying present to the moment of winter allows for moments of beauty and challenge. It is beautiful to watch your breath form a soft white cloud. It is a challenge when it is so cold your breath forms a steamy plume. Sunrise, sunset.

Ahh Winter, you give us many moments to learn and to grow. If it is too cold to play outside, then find your yoga mat. Your patient mat awaits you. We seek yoga asanas which keeps us warm, and strong yet supple. Explore with a curious heart. Have fun with your yoga. At this time of year, many of us slow down, settle inside and reflect. Release, relax, restore. You may discover the stillness inside you.

In January, many of us set personal resolutions for change. Consider Kindness as your resolution. Start with extending more Kindness toward yourself. Yogis call this Ahimsa or Lovingkindness. Let Kindness be your first response and see if more Joy and an awareness of Abundance hasn’t come along with it. It is a wonderful principle and a highly recommended resolution. Happy New Year!


Yoga Classes resume:
1. Mondays at YOGA WITHIN 1-2 PM Contact Gentle classes for cancer patients, survivors and care givers. Come join us and feel better, heal better.
2. Wednesday at SOUTHMINSTER STEINHAUER UNITED CHURCH. Drop in multi level class 7 – 8 pm $5. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, strap, block and relaxation eye cover ( if you have one)

See you on the mat!