Wednesday May 08, 2013

The month of April certainly provided many lessons in Patience and Perseverance. Snow and cold persisted as the occasional warm day reminded us of what lay ahead.  Thank you, April for your teachings. We must live in the moment.

Now we have both feet firmly planted in Spring. The geese, robins and finches are back and have filled the skies with their beauty and their songs. Bicycles, motorcycles, and skateboards roll past. Gardeners itch to dig, and golfers to putt. Every morning the sun lifts from the eastern horizon and tugs us from our pillows. Another day has blessed us. Opportunities abound.

Thank you, May for your teachings. We must live in the moment.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” ~ Hal Borland

Sunday March 10, 2013

Today, my Yoga instructor mentioned this is an auspicious day on the Hindu Calendar: the Maha Shiva Ratri. It is the Big Night of  Shiva and considered to be A Night of Awakening. We practiced the Sivananda style of Yoga to celebrate this day.

Later, I observed other awakenings.  Along the highway, silver furred pussy willow branches waved as we drove past them. At the Strathcona County Wilderness Centre, chipmunks raced up and down tree trunks and deadfall, heralding the approach of spring. Their game of tag had that tell tale spring fever intensity.

The cross-country ski trails and snowshoe paths were filled with people of all ages.  A pint sized purple snowsuited child shuffled along on the shortest skiis I have ever seen. An elderly woman in a red jacket glided by smiling  at everyone she saw. She elegantly skied by.  Mums and Dads hauled wee ones behind them in pulks ( Norwegian sleds )  as they skied or snowshoed.We all enjoyed the fresh air – and the pastries!

It was the Annual Pastry Caper with tasty snack stations scattered along the pristine trails. Woodsmoke drew you down a side trail where s’mores, cupcakes, cookies, soup, cider or hot chocolate awaited. The volunteers  and staff were friendly and laughter rang up to the bare tree tops. One of my favourite memories may be the six-year-old boy wearing an enormous viking hat and swinging a plastic battle-axe as he skied toward the lakeshore. He munched on carrots as he skied. An auspicious afternoon.