Hello and welcome to a new day, month and year. Yoga develops our awareness of our bodies, our breath and where we are within our minds. Sometime we dwell in the past, lingering as we recall our memories. Or we reach for the future bright with dreams and plans. How normal! How human! But too much time in either one, robs us of the gift of the precious present moment.

As we gaze upon the fresh pages of new calendars, let us settle in this winter with a fondness, affection and appreciation for this time.

Winter may be under-appreciated but some, but others enjoy the introspective quality of this season. Many of us snuggle or hunker down through the cold weather while others embrace the chill with vigorous pursuits.

Find the stillness and enjoy these winter moments – on and off your mat.

Looking forward to resuming Southminster Steinhauer United Church classes January 27 at 7 pm. $5. See you there!