Glorious Autumn has arrived. This afternoon I took a long walk through the woods with my canine companion. The ground was carpeted with fallen leaves- all golden and bronzed underfoot. The aspen branches were bare and grey tipped. The meadow had been mowed and the secret hollows where deer held their slumber parties were revealed. On the other side of the gully, grasses grew shoulder high. Their yellowed and brown wisps waved across the narrow trail. Russet coloured wild rose branches were whiskered with sharp silver thorns and dangled a few claret coloured rosehips. I plucked a couple, and seeded them. They taste like apples. My pup enjoyed the tang of the wild raspberries we found. The wind was still. Grey skies overhead promised rain. A couple of squirrels played Tease the Dog as they scampered from tree to tree. Nearby chickadees darted through the bush singing their greeting.

It was one of those magical times. Autumn is not just the shift from Summer to Winter, but magnificent in her own right. It was not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not wet. It was Just Right.

Autumn reminds us to live this present moment. Summer times have been savoured and Winter fun waits in the wings.

Thank you Autumn for the Yoga teaching today.