Gratitude. We hear about everywhere. Many of us have experienced something which clangs the Gratitude Bell and changes us – profoundly. It was one sentence I heard, 8 years ago today. My doctor said ” You have cancer, you will beat it.” One breath, one message. In that one heart beat, my world changed, for ever.

I was grateful for the way she presented the message. She gave me the fact and she  gave me hope in one breath. It was dark at 5 pm that Friday in January. The windows were dark with nightfall, yet I recall a sense of light shining around me as the details of the treatment plan unfolded. Darkness and light are linked as they give shape to each other.

See the sunshine and the shadows. Be grateful for both – they each have lessons to share.

For me, my yoga experiences began in month # 9 of my 24 months of treatment. Yoga helped bring balance back t my body, mind and spirit. It was transformative and motivated me to become a yoga teacher and to focus my work in the area of cancer patients, survivors and the caregivers. Of all the many groups I have taught ( MS patients, avid runners, disadvantaged youth, aboriginals ) I find my inspiration within the cancer community.

Yoga helped me thrive once again. And reminds me to breathe and live gratefully. I hope you do too. Today and everyday.