“Courage is not the absence of fear—it is inspiring others to move beyond it.” Nelson Mandela.
Where I live winter has an icy grip on everyone and everything. A minus 30 degree kind of icy grip.  We are a tough & vibrant community who wisely  dresses warmly & simply go about our business and our personal pursuits. This frigid morning, my yoga teacher remarked that she half expected to be the only one attending the class. And noted the courage of the 13 brave students on our mats  I knew she would be there and was inspired by her commitment to us – her students.
I appreciated  her comments about the Crow pose: it is  a pose of great courage and confidence building. I thought about Nelson Mandela and how he inspired the people of his nation to be confident and courageous. I thought about the lion heart of one man and how he changed the world.  Thank you, Nelson Mandela. Namaste.