August is a beautiful time of year. We are relaxed with our outside activities. Long sunshine filled days stretch into indigo evenings of campfires, star watching, and savouring the warm air. As I peek over my shoulder and notice September preparing to grace the stage, I realize the first flickers of Autumn have tiptoed close.

The tomatoes ripen, the sun bids adieu earlier, and the first platoons of geese straggle across the sky. Their honking is a ragged as their V shape!  They are in training mode and I draw encouragement from them

You see, at this time of the year I have begun to run. I train for the Run For The Cure as I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. And I train others to run as well. I work hard to help them find  a sense of healing from their cancer experience, to empower them once again as they reawaken their personal strength and guide them toward an attitude of equanimity which cancer make have stolen.

I want this disease to end. Research will find the way and alleviate the suffering of so many women and their families.  I see this Run as my way to give back by raising money toward the life saving research underway. If you are interested in supporting my Run this year, please do visit this link.

I thank you.