My last post was during the Spring, the season of change, transformation and growth. This year, our Winter seemed to yank and tug us back into snow, ice and cold winds more often than usual. For many of us, change can be difficult especially when it is uninvited and seems to be unpredictable.  Spring 2013 provided many opportunities to practice Patience. In Sanskrit, one would say DHAIRYA. It can be difficult to find patience amid change. Yoga teaches us to be grateful for the present moment and to find the peace filled place inside us. It is always there.

Now we have settled into Summer, and all the joys and challenges it brings. Seeds have sent forth shoots, trees have leafed, and  blossoms bob joyfully in the breeze. Many yoga mats curl forlornly in the corner as bicycles, bathing suits and picnic baskets receive our attention.

I encourage you to keep the yoga in your day. Summer days are long as the daylight lingers late. Do take your mat onto the deck or balcony and feel the breezes as you practice under the sun’s smiling face. And then go and play outside, it is summer! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you. Namaste.