I am one of those people who feel the true New Year begins in September. All the energy of Back to School is often a tug Back to Routine. New rhythms  pulse as we breathe the cooler air, observe the shortening daylight, stretch our necks watching birds migrate south. Neglected yoga mats unfurl as we set aside summer pastimes and settle into our practices once again.

Some seasons shift gently, sometimes change is abrupt. Yoga grounds us to the present moment. The lessons of pranayama , asana and meditation patiently wait for us. They invite us to become comfortable with changes, shifts and transformations. The gentle ones and the abrupt ones.

Unroll that mat, plump up the meditation cushion and settle into stillness. This and every season.


Hello. What has filled your day today? Ease or Anxiety? Perhaps both. Movement or Stillness? Probably both. Silence or Sound? Maybe both? Sunshine and shadow are linked. As are Inhalation and Exhalation.

Seems to me there is a tendency in many of us to only notice the one aspect. If you pause and observe you rediscover the easy rhythm of each moment, day, season and lifetime. Stop and notice.

Savour each gift, each moment letting Gratitude settle into your heart, your face, your ways.

Start by spending time on your yoga mat or meditation cushion.

See you there. Namaste



I hope you experienced moments of beauty, stillness and joy today. Summer blesses us with many opportunities to experience such moments. From the quiet sunrise to the stillness before a rainstorm, to the grace of flowers bobbin in the breeze. Summer’s long days can be filled with leisurely pursuits or packed with vigorous activities!

Now we experience the shift: as the breezes become cooler, the nights arrive earlier each day and even a few yellow aspen leaves twirl to the ground.

Our calenders become filled with activities again. Yoga mats are retrieved from closets and awkwardly unroll. Bodies long for a stretch and  our minds and souls seek the stillness of the meditation cushion.

Find your yoga class. Try a Restorative to ease you through September’s hurly burly. Take that ease and calm off he mat and into our world. Today and everyday.

Schedule posted under Classes and Workshops.


This morning I went for a run and the wild roses waved their fragrant hello as I went past. Recent rains have greened the ground making trails soft underfoot. When I set my yoga mat outside to stretch my legs I had to select my location carefully within my back yard. One side has a twenty foot stretch of lilacs in riotous bloom and the bees browse and buzz shaking petals down in purple shower. The other side is shady and the mosquitoes hovered waiting for me. The third possibility was sun drenched so I unfurled my mat.

I enjoyed the stillness, the fragrance from the flowers, the lush grass beneath my mat. What a blessing to be surrounded with nature’s abundant beauty. My heart was full of gratitude. Halfway through my Suptapadagusthanasana I heard the chatter and commentary from the squirrel atop our fence.  My dog ramped off the deck, airborne and gave chase. Luckily for me I was lying about a meter from her runway! The squirrel was dispatched, the dog sauntered past and I stood up for Sun Salutations, safe in the knowledge that the heckler was gone.

Oh the bliss of taking your yoga outdoors! I hope you will try it. Enjoy. Namaste

“Welcome to Spring” sing the birds that have migrated home. The Maydays wave their fragrant blooms overhead while the ducks and geese on the neighbourhood ponds bicker or brag about their nest’s location.

Spring time gets us outside and we enjoy our favourite pursuits again. Keep up the Yoga to enhance your walks, jogs, bike rides, paddles and gardening. Limber joints and strong muscles help us in our daily activities.  Take your meditation outside and find your stillness.

Yoga’s Body/Mind/Breath focus brings our awareness and our gratitude to this moment. So take your Yoga Off The Mat and savour this beautiful day, this moment.

Please note Class Schedule Changes as posted.



Hello and welcome to a new day, month and year. Yoga develops our awareness of our bodies, our breath and where we are within our minds. Sometime we dwell in the past, lingering as we recall our memories. Or we reach for the future bright with dreams and plans. How normal! How human! But too much time in either one, robs us of the gift of the precious present moment.

As we gaze upon the fresh pages of new calendars, let us settle in this winter with a fondness, affection and appreciation for this time.

Winter may be under-appreciated but some, but others enjoy the introspective quality of this season. Many of us snuggle or hunker down through the cold weather while others embrace the chill with vigorous pursuits.

Find the stillness and enjoy these winter moments – on and off your mat.

Looking forward to resuming Southminster Steinhauer United Church classes January 27 at 7 pm. $5. See you there!



How goes your yoga practice? Have you established a routine that serves you well? Allow time to pause, reflect and settle into stillness. The cozy warm clothing we don this time of year pulls us inward as the days grow shorter and the air chillier. Use this season to settle into You.

When I was waiting for the bus after university class, a group of us students gathered and huddled together. The day had gotten colder while we were in our lectures and libraries. One of the foreign students was anxious and grew more and more upset. We could not understand his concern. Then he explained. The plumes of his breath rose in front of his face. Yes we replied calmly. In his culture – this was his spirit leaving him and so he became alarmed. He then saw all our steaming breath floating around us. He became quiet and gazed at us in wonder. Canadians! he said shaking his head.Winter! we replied, nodding ours.

Today it is cold enough outside to see the breath. I like to watch it lift, linger and then leave. I have much to ponder and appreciate with each breath. We all do

Enjoy your yoga practice.

Namaste. Hello. Greetings.

Have you spied the shift from Summer to September.  Have you noticed the later sunrises and how the sun goes to bed a little earlier each night? Have you grasped a chilly steering wheel yet or heard the geese sing their Farewell songs?

We shift from Summer play time back to routine. The beach toys are packed and now the school lunch boxes are packed. Calendars fill with activities.  I hope your schedule includes yoga. Mine does!

Let’s meet on the mat. Here is a list :

**  Sept 3 – Restorative Drop In Yoga at Yoga Within.  Thursday  5:45 – 6:45 pm. http://www.yogawithin.ca (780-450-9642)

** Sept 9 – Hatha Yoga Drop in at Southminster Steinhauer United Church. Wednesday 7-8 pm. http://www.smsuc.com  (780-435-2058)

** Sept 14 – Yoga Wellness ( suitable for people with chronic health concerns: Cancer, RA, heart issues) at Yoga Within.    Monday 1- 2 pm.  www.yogawithin.ca (780-450-9642)

** October 21- Yoga Wellness ( as noted above) at Above Average Yoga. Wednesday 1:30 – 2:30  http://www.aboveaverageyoga.com (780-488-1121)

Contact these excellent studios for further details and then mark your calendars with YOGA! I hope to see you soon.



Namaste! June 10 will be the last session of the Wednesday night drop in multi level Hatha Yoga classes. Swoop went the year it seems. We must have been having fun as the time certainly flew.  I hope you are able to join us as we gather with our mats , our buddies and our open hearts. We will celebrate the year with an ice cream party. Yes, ice cream is very yoga!! 😊

I hope to see you there. If you are unable to attend, we will miss you. Classes resume mid September.

Southminster Steinhauer United Church . 7 pm. $5.


Sunshine, blossoms and green grass. Take your yoga mat outside and practice in the flesh air. Vrkasana beside your favourite tree will be a happy memory come wintertime!

I hope you will join our drop in class tonight and next week at 7 pm, SSUC.  Bring your smile and your buddy!